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Social Media channels of doom…

Social Media channels of doomChoosing the wrong Social Media channels to tune your business, can be very critical and can sentence your business to be doomed…

Every channel has a unique audience and unique purpose to serve; so you need to understand every channel and what it has to offer.

Knowing the anatomy of each and every single channel is so valuable; to help you to save time, effort and money.

Channels like:

  • Twitter: which is closed to its users, and having different anatomy than Facebook, relying on very short but precise message to deliver.
  • Instagram: which depends only on visuals, without the aid of words, but hashtags plays an important role in this grounds.

It is critical indeed to figure:

  • How each channel works.
  • what role it plays in your plan to conquer the world with your brand.
we will discuss this point in more details in a different guide.

Where are your customers feel comfortable to be?

Where are your cusomers ?Knowing where are your customers spending their time online, is very critical, after knowing how Social Media channels works, you need to know which channel your customers exist the most; to save wasting your random efforts.

To understand where are your customers, you need real numbers and reports to rely on, which you can find it here in this great report ‘ 2017 Digital Year Book ‘ by HootSuite.

In this report, you will have the privilege of knowing a lot of numbers about any country in the whole world.

Starting from the number of population, internet users, Social Media users; ending with the number of mobile subscribers and Internet speed in each country.

Conclusion: your Social Media efforts have to be well managed and planned for, no channel is bad or good; it is all about where your customers are.

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