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Digital Marketing is it the new Hippies trend!

Digital Marketing HippiesHippies were part of ‘Flower Power’ trend who rose against Vietnam war. They lived by none violence ideology, were in favour of the natural and living in groups. They lived by ideal standers and tried to create their own utopia. Digital Marketing is almost the new Hippies trend, as in Social Media Marketing specifically, selling is not the objective. The objective is awareness, building a relationship and then engaging your audience. Social Media Marketers live by adding value ideology which known as inbound marketing methodology.

Social Media Utopia.

Social Media Marketing UtopieBuilding a Social Media with no direct aims for selling and no pushing from the sales or top management side is the dream of every Social Media Marketer. But, such a utopia is never meant to exist, maybe everything in marketing specifically and in life generally is about standers, but beware, buddy, perfectionism is not meant for this earth, never been and never will. So, go easy on yourself…




It is time to create a win-win situation.

Marketing is about Values ‘Steve Jobs’

Steve Jobs Using a strategy revolving around sales never been the way to generate more sales. Using a strategy of complete adding value without wrapping it with a service or a product to generate cash, this is the ultimate path to bankruptcy!

And in this quest, you do not need to sacrifice either values nor sales.

Path of balance to conquer the formula.

Improve the way which you communicate, life is about communication and communication for a business wise is so important. Your social channels it is the new form of communication which your customer relies on, inspire, educate, recommend products which really solve customers problems, do not over promise, just be honest about what you offer, and this is your ultimate formula for sales success on social media.

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